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Counseling Team

Joshua Russo

Josh, having grown up in the breadbasket of northern Westchester, has always enjoyed distinguishing between the finer forms of gluten in pizza and bagels. Inspired to continue to help others through his studies of philosophy and religion at Brown University, Josh founded Top Scholars to bring a new understanding of the ethical commitments of the 21st century to the college preparation process. Josh loves chatting all things philosophy with students and can be found covering Thai rock songs in his free time.

David Bloomfield

With two professors for parents, David grew up in the front rows of his mother’s writing classes and his father’s calculus courses in upstate New York. At Blair AcademyRice University, and the University of New Orleans, that passion to help students guided David to become a teacher and counselor himself. Since then, David has helped thousands of students to make the right choices in life — in finding the right universities, reading the best books, discovering their voices as writers, or even just finding the best Mexican food wherever he goes.

Siv Somchanhmavong

Originally from Laos, Siv grew up in the U.S. in Ithaca, NY, where the influence of higher education left a lasting impression on him. As a former admissions officer at Cornell University, Siv is familiar with how highly selective universities identify, recruit, and admit students. For over 20 years, Siv has used this unique insight to empower students and families to be successful not simply in the college admissions process, but in life. When not working with students and families, or taking care of his three kids with his wife, Amy, you can probably find Siv on the golf course or perhaps paddling away on a dragon boat.

Kim Atkinson

The son of a reporter and a UN economist, Kim Atkinson grew up attuned to the linkages that govern our lives – links with places and people in our past and with the next generation. After finishing a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and a masters from the University of Hawaii, family links with Asia led Kim to Thailand as a Peace Corps volunteer and to other places as an editor and teacher. Wisdom from world travels has Kim believing in the power of people’s voices (not in decibels but in words and ideas) to change things for the better. His reward as a teacher is to hear from students, after they go on to college, their own words of wisdom, echoing their linkages with their past for their future.