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What We Believe

Preparing for college is a crucial time for students to develop academic and ethical understandings. We believe that college prep can create outstanding applications and develop real skills at the same time.



Education is a lifelong journey towards good decision-making. Building an all-inclusive, tolerant, and open-minded academic foundation is the key to building a successful life. Through our courses, we encourage our students to adopt an empathic mentality, and to bring a sense of social responsibility into their college preparation. By nurturing our students to build quality academic and sound ethical foundations, we ensure they position themselves as contributing members and leaders in society.



All of our courses and tutorials are done in conjunction with what you do in school. We're experienced with school-based counseling, and make sure that you are not doing double work. We also make sure you can share with your school counselor everything what we are doing, and how it is 100% in line with the expectations of your school. Through years of professional networking, we also love to share everything about you with the admission officers we know. They trust our opinions - and so they trust you when you come to Top Scholars.



We have integrated technology into our program to enable teachers to focus their efforts on the students, which allows you to maximize your output without wasting any time. We have tons of resources you can use online, and we will help you coordinate and manage every document, deadline, or any other requirement that is a part of your college application process. As our student, you simply cannot fall through the cracks.



We have spent years crafting our courses into an efficient and effective lessons which can be administered both face-to-face and online. And we are happy to offer reduced tuition to any student who requires financial assistance for his or her education. Our schedules are not pre-determined, but instead built around you and your availability, so you'll never need to miss a meeting.

Top Scholars abides by the following policies to ensure an ethical and transparent process:

  • We always provide truthful and honest opinions, information, and advice. We base every relationship on trust and honesty. We never promote fear of failure or false promises. We respect your privacy – and never publish names, awards, scores, acceptances, or other personally identifiable information.

  • We maintain open dialogue with our colleagues working in schools and make every effort to speak directly with counselors and administrators about our program, building upon a mutual understanding of trust that we see as a vital component of the college counseling experience.

  • We attend international conferences, occasionally hosting sessions conjointly with international schools, boarding schools, and universities.

  • We openly communicate with university admissions officers to inform them of our processes, methods, and in certain cases, provide character references for our students.​

  • We will never accept any compensation, monetary or otherwise, from any educational institution or placement agency for any reason whatsoever. All recommendations reflect counseling best practices in the best interest of the student and family.

In a similar spirit, Top Scholars requires our students and parents to follow similar policies:

  • All students and parents must sign and abide by our Code of Ethics, which prohibits lying, false promotion, and other unethical behavior.

  • All students and parents must sign a FERPA waiver giving Top Scholars the right to disclose work and materials to the student’s school-based counselor or university admissions officer if requested.

We are committed to working 100% with schools and universities to further the aims of an ethical, transparent, and educational college preparation process.